Tuesday, 20 March 2007

My first socks

About a month ago, I went to London and ended up in Loop with Meg and Jam: it was all Jam's fault, therefore, that I left with more sock yarn than I knew what to do with - and my first set of circular needles. And, look! Socks! Terrible terrible picture, but socks, nonetheless.

Yarn: 100g Colinette JitterBug in Florentina
Needles: Addi circular 2.5mm

I was impressed by how easy it was to pick up the stitches on the heel flap: that had been my biggest fear, after my aborted attempt at the Pippi Kneestockings from Stitch and Bitch - they ended up as legwarmers after being thrown across the room one time too many. But no such problems this time. Hurrah! Many thanks to Jam for talking me through it.

And now I'm addicted. In a fit of 'Stipend: yes, that's for buying yarn with, isn't it?', and despite the fact that I'd only intended to look at the sale yarns, I bought 100g each of Lana Grossa Meilenweit colortweed (in 1001, 1003, and 1004) and Meilenweit Scala (in 6534). Looks like it's socks for the foreseeable, then...


Hello! I swore I'd never start one of these - the first year of a PhD is surely not the time for adding to one's blog collection, right? - but I promised photos of my first attempt at socks to La Glitz, and the next thing I knew, I was neglecting my lab-book in favour of setting up this. Ahem.

Where knitting's concerned: I have vague memories of my nan attempting to teach me to knit some years ago; as I was a particularly uncoordinated child, she soon gave it up as a bad job, but I got plenty of practice at winding wool into balls along the way. But then, this time last year, my friend Meg (of Spacecrafty) tried again - with rather more patience, and rather more success. This is what followed...